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The idea of using domestic solar power to generate a homes electricity has been appealing to many people for years. The challenges with domestic solar power systems up until recently was that the systems available were expensive and required massive amounts of panels to generate a reasonable amount of power. With Improvements in modern technology the systems are way more efficient and far less expensive, so in effect this problem has been solved.

The domestic solar power units today give the user a totally viable alternative to paying for power from the energy providers. The modern solar panel is more than double the output of solar panels of the past with far better efficiency. This is great news for the homeowner since it means they will need less of these more efficient solar panels to produce the same amount of current as the older solar panels. The cost of installation of a domestic solar system with less roof needed for the panels,translates to saving more money.

The new solar panels available today give people who previously could not install solar on their roof, a chance to do so. Because in the past if your roof did not face the right way or get direct sunlight for most of the day it would not of been a perfect option. Solar panels available today can produce current by catching sunlight from a wider selection of positions and angles.

Even though older solar panels themselves could last 10 or 15 years, the solar cells started to lose their ability to convert sunlight to current long before that. The solar cells became less productive, more and more every year until the homeowner would have to replace them far earlier than anticipated.

The solar cell systems now, are built to keep their conversion rates as they get older which in turn allows the home owner to have them longer while still generating their fair share of electricity. The domestic solar power systems
The control and connection technology for domestic solar power systems come along way over the years and the current units are easier to connect to your home.

The units are very flexible, enabling you to integrate another alternative electrical source like a windmill. This gives the house a single connection and control unit for all of its domestic solar power needs.

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Domestic Solar Power

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This article was published on 2010/03/29