Magnetic Energy Vs Solar Power

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If you have been looking for alternative sources of energy then you have no doubt heard of both MagniWork and Solar Power. MagniWork uses to earths magnetic force to provide electricity, solar energy uses the suns energy to provide electricity. During my search for an alternative source of energy I knew I was going to try out one of the two but I did not know what one. I kept saying to myself "Is magniwork a scam?" Or "Does Solar Power actually work?" Because of this, I decided "What the heck, I might as well try both" Below you will see my review of the two most popular sources of energy.

The first thing I want to talk about is the price. The manual for MagniWork was $50 and the manual for solar energy was $50. It was off the a pretty even start. But once I started to actually build the two I realized one was cheaper than the other. It cost me a total of $275 to get all the stuff for solar power and only spent $103 on the supplies for MagniWork.

Next it was time for construction. Both manuals were very clear and easy to follow, but setting up the Solar power took much longer, it took a total of 9 hours. Setting up the MagniWork Magnetic generator only took two hours. But in the long run, that doesn't matter to much, what matters is what will save me more money!

Now let's talk about the quality of these two products. This is where I am about to answer the questions that you guys want answered, "which one worked better". I started off using the MagniWork Generator for two months. After the two months was up I did my calculations and I actually saved 68% on my electricity bill! After two months I tried the Solar Power. The total saved at the end of these two months was 23%.

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So it is clear that both The MagniWork Generator and the Solar Power Generator work. So my answer to "Is MagniWork A Scam?" is an obvious no! and my answer to "Does Solar Power Work" is a yes. But if you are struggling financially I think the results are clear that you should go with MagniWork. To learn more about the power of MagniWork then check out

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Magnetic Energy Vs Solar Power

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This article was published on 2010/03/29